Man impregnated daughter and mother-in-law at the same time

#INSOLITO now the man is the son-in-law of his wife, father of the uncle of his stepson, grandfather of his own son, stepfather of his own wife, one of his sons is uncle of his own brother, his girlfriend is sister and stepmother of the son of his mother , the son of the mother-in-law is the uncle of his own brother, the son of the bride is grandson and stepson of his grandmother, the bride is a stepdaughter of her husband and mother of his mother's grandson and more definitions are missing.

ARGENTINA:-Man never imagined he would increase his family like that. "With his girlfriend of 22 years had a standard sex but with my mother-in-law had all the fantasies that had occurred to me, and we killed in bed," Ariel confessed, such the name that was given in a radio interview published by the AM cooperation of the city of Buenos Aires.

In a program that is dedicated to unite people alone, the interviewee did not hesitate to make known his worst trap, which brought two children to the world that besides being brothers, are uncle and nephew.

"My girlfriend was very demure, but the mother in bed was a beast," stressed the protagonist of the story who told that his strange situation began when flirted with his mother, so much to get to bed. However, his adventure ended badly and unthinkingly. His pregnant girlfriend and his mother-in-law too.

According to the interviewee, his girlfriend was 22 years old but her mother-in-law, from 38, "sought him" constantly inviting to a forbidden relationship that ended in two pregnancies. The program, led by Héctor Rossi, known speaker for being the voice of intruders, ended without knowing what was the result of the affair so far.