The scandals of the Dominican National Police, in the year 2018 that concludes today at 12 midnight

The scandals of the Dominican National Police, in the year 2018 that concludes today at 12 midnight

National Police live in 2018 a year of scandals and abuses
Deaths were recorded during clashes between police and alleged criminals.
The year that it concludes represents one of the periods in which the National police action was worst stopped before the population due to the excesses in the use of force, the violations of the protocols and the involvement of its members in scandals and criminal acts.

One of the cases of apparent excessive use of force, which shocked the population by the circumstances in which it occurred was the case of Jorge Gabriel Báez Abreu, killed in an exchange of gunfire, but a video presented by the National Network of Communicators Dominicans (RNCD) shows the opposite

After the video became viral the national police suspended and made available to the Public Prosecutor's Office a lieutenant, a sergeant and a corporal who intervened in the case of the escaped inmate Jorge Gabriel Báez Abreu, who fell down last Friday in the community of the lavas, Villa González, 14 kilometres from Santiago.

The sanctioned are Lieutenant Miguel Martínez Grullón, Sergeant Richard Alberto and Corporal Rafael Mena Peña, who were sent to justice for not observing the procedures established in the body of law.

Another case of apparent excessive use of force, which shockeded the population by the circumstances in which it occurred, was the death of alleged delinquent Rubén Darío hypolite Martínez (Moreno 27), which occurred on 8 November last in an apartment in the residential Carmen Renata III, and that occurred in front of two minor nephews.

The individual was killed at the hands of members of the Central Directorate of Criminal Investigations (Dicrim) who sought him for several murders and other crimes.

The police version realized that it was a shooting match, however, a live broadcast that the victim made through his social networks revealed his interest to surrender.

The death of Nathanael Ferrera Paulino (Oreja) was added to this fact, on 11 November, in the Cerro de patatin sector in Santiago, during another of the so-called fire exchanges, where two other men and a two-year-old girl were injured. According to versions of witnesses, Ferrera Paulino, would have been executed under a bed, throwing on the ground the police imputation.

That same month, in the social networks a video of the Colonel Elias Mars Palaver was disclosed, commander of the Ensanche Libertad in Santiago, with a rifle and intimidating to chauffeurs.

Other abuses of the uniformed were committed against journalist Altagracia Ortiz and her husband, when they were moving in their vehicle and a mixed police and army patrol, fired at the tires of the vehicle.

There is also the death of Maria Melina Lorenzo, 17, on 23 November of this 2018, when members of a patrol fired several shots at a suspected point of drugs in the Guaucí sector, Moca. The young woman who was pregnant was reached by one of the bullets when she tried to shelter.

In November, another video questioned the police proceedings. On that occasion, the images showed Lieutenant Colonel Fausto Madé Ramírez, deputy commander of the Friars ' detachment of Santo Domingo Este, beating a man during an eviction.

On 22 October it was killed by the police, the medical student, Wagner Petitochoute, as the result of an incident between police officers and Motoconchistas. The young man of Haitian nationality, was hit by a shot while he was in his residence in the Beijing sector south of Santiago.

The morning of August 4, the police lieutenant colonel, Emilio Corcino Galván, finalized Juan José Silvestre Pacheco, 24, in Hato Mayor, who would have grazed his vehicle on the motorcycle in which he was moving and whose incident was recorded.

The first of July drew attention to the way he "committed suicide" of a gunshot to the head, Antonio Polonia, aged 47, who served as a caretaker of a branch of Banco Vimenca in Santiago, which had been assaulted a week earlier and for which he was detained. The doubts emerged because Poland would have been shot inside a police van, where he was handcuffed.

The image of the institution of the order was again a target of criticism, after a group of armed men assaulted on June 26 a bank branch in the Ensanche Isabelita in Santo Domingo Este, carrying a millionaire sum of cash. As part of the investigations an operation was carried out four days later in the sector known as the Maleconcito of the mine, where several uniformed ones were wounded, and the major Moses died